EPS to PDF Conversion Tool

If you export graphics from Maple, GeoGebra, IPE or InkScape for use in LaTeX (or anywhere else), the tool on this page may be helpful. It converts a graphics file from .eps format to .pdf format. Why is this helpful?

  • many programs export to .eps “better than” they export to .pdf — the .pdf file comes with giant margins, while the .eps has correct sizing
  • old versions of Maple can export to .eps, but not .pdf
  • Depending on exactly how you use LaTeX, you are either required to use .eps graphics or .pdf graphics. And while users running LaTeX at home probably have the epstopdf command-line converter installed, maybe you’re not running it at home or don’t like command-line applications.
  • (Is there a big difference between .eps, .pdf, and .ps? Not really — they are all vector graphics with similar capabilities.)
Use this form to convert an .eps file to .pdf format.

Then press Submit below.

When you click Submit below, the page will reload with the converted .pdf. Depending on your browser, it may download automatically or you may have to manually save the .pdf that appears to your computer.

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