GVMA Constitution

1.1 The name of the organization is The Grand Valley Mathematics Association, hence to be referred to as GVMA.


2.1 GVMA is an association of mathematics educators, recognized as a chapter of the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME/AOEM, herein referred to as OAME).


3.1 GVMA is a volunteer organization whose goal is to promote excellence in Mathematics Education. This is to be achieved through professional development conferences, seminars, research and publications, student competitions and scholarships. The Association endeavours to facilitate interaction among teachers and teacher candidates at elementary, secondary and tertiary levels.


4.1 The initiatives of GVMA are:

4.1.1 to aid the professional growth of mathematics educators;

4.1.2 to encourage and to engage in research and development of teacher reference materials related to mathematics education;

4.1.3 to promote coordination in mathematics education at all levels and effective communication within the mathematics community of GVMA and beyond;

4.1.4 to maintain affiliation with OAME and its other chapters to promote projects of mutual concern.


5.1 The jurisdictions represented by GVMA include all or part of the counties of:

5.1.1 Brant

5.1.2 Bruce

5.1.3 Dufferin

5.1.4 Grey

5.1.5 Haldimand

5.1.6 Halton

5.1.7 Huron

5.1.8 Norfolk

5.1.9 Oxford

5.1.10 Perth

5.1.11 Waterloo

5.1.12 Wellington

5.1.13 Wentworth

5.2 Applications for membership in GVMA are welcome from any area of the Province of Ontario or beyond.


6.1 Membership in GVMA is possible in one of three ways:

6.1.1 join OAME, pay annual membership fee and designate GVMA to become an affiliate member;

6.1.2 join GVMA directly;

6.1.3 continue a free membership after retiring from the teaching profession (long standing GVMA members only).

6.2 GVMA strongly encourages membership in OAME.

6.3 Membership carries the right to serve on committees, to attend GVMA conferences at a reduced rate and to receive some mathematics publications free.

6.4 The Executive Committee may from time to time offer a reduced rate for special groups or institutions, to encourage their attendance at conferences or membership in GVMA.

6.5 Membership fees for GVMA shall be determined annually by the Executive Committee.


7.1 The organization is administered by Officers and Councillors selected from the membership of GVMA.
The number of Officers consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of six members, chosen from the members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of the Officers, Councillors who represent the jurisdictions of GVMA and representatives from the University of Waterloo and the University of Guelph. The number of members on the Executive Committee shall be a minimum of five and a maximum of thirteen.
7.2 Each member of the Executive Committee must be a GVMA member.

7.3 The Officers may be called to meet when GVMA business warrants a meeting and it would be impractical to call a meeting of the Executive Committee.

7.4 The Executive Committee meets regularly to plan and implement the business of GVMA.

7.5 Meetings of the Executive Committee shall take place:

(a) regularly - Meetings of the Executive Committee are usually held in September, January, and June, and as determined by the Chair. Starting times and locations are determined by the Chair.

(b) as needed - The Chair may call a meeting of the Executive Committee or of the Officers when necessary.

7.6 Officers

7.6.1 The Officer positions of GVMA, appointed by the Executive Committee for a three-year renewable term, each with voting privileges, consist of: The Chair whose duties are to preside at the meetings of the Officers and the Executive Committee, to serve ex- officio of all committees, to prepare the agenda for Executive Committee meetings, and to represent GVMA at official functions. The Chair must be aware of committee progress and know when reports are due and ready. The Executive Secretary whose duties are to liaise with various educational institutions and organizations such as universities, community colleges, and OISE, and to preside in the Chair's absence or upon request. The Membership Director whose duties are to maintain an up-to-date list of GVMA members and OAME/GVMA members, to collect all monies from members and issue membership cards and receipts for these, to remit all monies collected to the Treasurer, to serve on the registration committee for GVMA conferences, to liaise with OAME and collect rebates from OAME for individuals who purchase a membership for both OAME and GVMA, to remit membership lists to Councillors at meetings, to communicate with members regarding concerns, and to attempt to keep or increase membership levels in GVMA through a normal process. The Treasurer whose duties are to disburse GVMA monies as authorized by GVMA, to deposit GVMA monies in a special account from new memberships or renewals, conference registrations, the sales of publications and merchandise, and from any other source. The Treasurer is to keep accurate records of all GVMA receipts and disbursements of GVMA in proper books of account and shall deposit all monies or valuable effects in the name and to the credit of GVMA in such bank or banks as may from time to time be designated by the Executive Committee, and to present regular reports to the Officers and the Executive Committee. At the June meeting an annual summary of all transactions will be submitted. At the first meeting of the school year, recommended yearly budget will be presented to the Executive Committee. The Secretary whose duties are the recording and distribution of minutes for all regular and special meetings of the Officers or Executive Committee and the preparation of all correspondence pertaining to GVMA business. The OAME Representative whose duties are to maintain a vital link between GVMA and OAME, and to provide regular reports to GVMA Officers and the Executive Committee of OAME activities.

7.7 Councillors

7.7.1 All prospective Councillors must be approved by the Executive Committee.

7.7.2 Each Councillor shall serve up to a five-year renewable term.

7.7.3 The duties of Councillors will include representing their counties at all Executive Committee meetings. Councillors have the responsibility of bringing ideas and requests to the Executive Committee as suggested by their teachers in their counties, and of taking back to their teachers all information offered at the Executive Committee meeting. As well, Councillors are expected to assume some duties assigned by the Executive Committee or join at least one committee.

7.8 Committees

7.8.1 The following Standing Committees shall be responsible to the Executive Committee as follows: Publications - Duties include the writing and printing of teacher/student resource materials. Marketing - Duties include selling and maintaining inventory of GVMA merchandise. Program - Duties include setting the program for the Fall and Spring conferences, booking of facilities, making arrangements for presenters, and planning of the meal to be served at these conferences. Registration - Duties include collection of registrations for the Fall and Spring conferences, greeting of arrivals at the conferences, and dispersal of information to attendees.

7.8.2 Special ad hoc committees may be formed under the direction of the Officers or Executive Committee as needed.

7.8.3 Membership on a committee shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

7.8.4 Each committee should appoint or elect a committee chair and committee recording secretary.

7.8.5 All committees are to send minutes to the Chair and to report regularly to the Executive Committee.


8.1 Regular meetings of the Executive Committee are usually held in September, January and June and more often as required.

8.2 A member of the Executive Committee is expected to maintain good attendance.

8.2.1 A member who becomes inactive or misses three (3) consecutive meetings will be contacted by the Chair regarding the member's status.

8.2.2 If a member continues to remain inactive or miss meetings, then that member shall be asked to take a leave of absence or suggest an alternate representative.

8.2.3 A designate or alternate should be chosen by the Executive Committee member to attend a meeting in the member's absence. The Chair shall be notified before the meeting.

8.3 A member who wishes to retire from the Executive Committee must notify the Chair.

8.4 The Executive Committee may request the retiring member to suggest names of teachers from the member's jurisdiction who should be considered.


9.1 Questions arising at any meeting of the Officers or Executive Committee shall be decided by a majority of voters present.

9.2 A quorum shall consist of 60% of the Executive Committee.

9.3 A tie vote shall be broken by the Chair.

9.4 Any vote shall be taken by ballot upon request.

9.5 The result of all decisions determined by a vote shall be recorded in the minutes.


10.1 Unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Committee, the fiscal year of GVMA shall terminate on the last day of August in each year.


11.1 Amendments to the constitution may be proposed or presented to the membership at a GVMA conference or through a Councillor. The proposed amendment shall be in the hands of the Chair at least thirty days before the next Executive Committee meeting to be considered at that meeting.

11.2 Any amendment, alteration, or repeal of this constitution shall be given in writing to the Members of the Executive Committee at least two weeks prior to an Executive Committee meeting.

11.3 Any amendment, alteration, or repeal of this constitution or any part thereof, shall not be in effect until such amendment, alteration, or repeal has been confirmed by a majority of the votes cast by the members of the Executive Committee.


12.1 In the event of dissolution of GVMA, funds or assets remaining after all debts have been paid shall be transferred to The Descartes Mathematics Foundation for the continuation of the GVMA Scholarship established in 1995.

12.2 If this cannot be done, the remaining assests shall be transferred to another charitable institution in a jurisdiction represented by GVMA and recognized by Revenue Canada as qualified under the provisions of the Income Tax Act of Canada.
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